Continuing with the Ultimate Blog Challenge, the day 2 prompt is to let people know how you got started in your niche or market.

I wanted to start this project because Walt Disney World is visited each year by millions of people and while I am there I am always trying to get the perfect photo. Not just “the perfect photo,” the perfect photo of everything. So I take a lot of pictures when I am there. I wanted to share this information with other people so they can have perfect photos for their vacation keepsakes. I also wanted to encourage people to get the photos off of their camera and into photo books or displays to enjoy and be looked. People take a lot of pictures of everything and too many of them just sit on their phones and live there.

Here is a scrapbook page I did of the Maleficent float in the Festival of Fantasy Parade. This parade is at 3:00 in the Magic Kingdom and it is a great parade for photos. The floats are so colorful and they all have princesses and other characters waving to the crowd. You can get some great photos during this parade. Sadly the Maleficent float is not currently in the parade because of a fire. I have not been able to find out if the float will be returning, as of May 2018 (the last time I have watched the parade) the float has still not returned. This was an awesome float that moved up and down and breathed fire, you could feel the heat from the fire as it passed.


Maleficent float April 2017

Maleficent float April 2017


*Photo taking tip:

Most of the characters in the parade are at the front or back of the float, so if you can get a spot to watch the parade where it is going around a circle (near the castle or the end of the parade route) you can get photos that will look like you were right in front of or behind the float. If you can snag a spot right in the front of the circle at the beginning of main street,  that would be watching the parade come down Main Street (that is hard to do because it is usually reserved) you can get photos with the castle in the background.


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