4 Reasons Why I Decided to Blog About Creating and Preserving Your Disney World Memories

or why I created this blog 🙂

This year is the 30th year I have lived in Orlando. In those 30 years I have always loved Disney World even though I was not able to go as often as I liked, but these past two years I have been lucky enough to be able to have a season pass. These past two years, and hopefully more to come, have been filled with fun, rides, characters and much more plus a ton of photos.

All these photos lead to the creation of this blog and the reasons I have started it:

  1. I want to share with you all the spots to get some great photos that I have found.
  2. Give you some tips to help you have the best vacation you can.
  3. Encourage you to get your vacation photos off your phone/camera.
  4. Hopefully give you some different photo ideas of things you might not have thought of.
Selfie with Donald Duck May 2018

Selfie with Donald Duck May 2018


I don’t know if all the characters will take selfies with you but we have a few selfies with some characters, ask them and see if they will. I am not the best selfie taker, I usually ask my daughter to take them but I was trying to be quick here because the photographer was busy for a moment.

Do you have any selfies with the characters? I would love to see them.



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